What sets Jambo5 apart from Microsoft's Copilot?

The special value of Jambo5 lies in the fact that the results are authentic and extremely precise.

They are immediately available without the need for additional review. In addition, all the documents discussed and their comments can form part of the result if desired.

Jambo5 is characterized by its functions specially developed for meetings, which enable participants to record decisions, votes and tasks without additional effort. It also records the documents discussed, including comments.

These always up-to-date meeting minutes can be viewed at any time, for example as a review or summary.

Microsoft Teams Copilot

In contrast, the Teams Copilot from Microsoft tries to answer the questions asked in the chat using the transcript - even during the meeting, this is always a retrospective view - without any claim to absolute accuracy.

In business processes, it is essential to have 100% certainty that the meeting minutes correspond to what is intended, so Jambo5 has no alternative here.

Microsoft Teams
with Copilot
Creation and evaluation of transcript
100% compliance of what is said with the meeting minutes
Basis of data consists of agenda, documents / images shown, annotations on images PDF
transcript only
Support during the meeting: Zoom of content, everyone has a pointer (ping point)
Integration of interactive elements such as voting
Final check of the meeting minutes necessary
Enrichment of discussion points during the meeting by all participants
Copilot tries to guess what is going on through transcript
Documents as an integral part of the meeting
video and screen sharing only
Reliable meeting minutes are available for everyone immediately after the meeting
results must be checked
Runs without an app or browser extension with all the functions provided
limited functionality
on any device in all current browsers
Catch up during the meeting
Recap / Meeting Minutes
Painting on images and PDF with automatic documentation
Zoom images and PDFs to scale
Focus presentation
Co-moderators/co-presenters (more than just participants/meeting management)
Assigned content such as presentations, screenshots, images and PDFs in the meeting minutes to the appropriate meeting point

Are you satisfied with your current video conferencing solution and your meeting workflow? That's a good thing.

But are your meetings really productive?

  • Do you have to manually summarize the results and tasks of each meeting at the end?
  • Do you always need a minute-taker to write everything down?
  • Do you always use PowerPoint presentations, even if you only want to show something briefly?
  • Do you always write the agenda in the appointment agreement, which nobody sticks to anyway?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Jambo5 will also significantly increase the productivity of your meetings in combination with your video conferencing tool such as Teams or Zoom.

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