About us

relleumSystem GmbH has been developing user software for 25 years, with a focus on databases.

Over the last 15 years, relleumSystem has made a name for itself in digital communication between pharmaceutical companies and doctors in the highly ethical pharmaceutical sector and has developed countless projects ranging from simple websites and mobile apps to a sales force management system for iPads.

The idea for Jambo5 was based on the sales force management system for iPads. We realized that there is no software that fully integrates all facets of a meeting. Read more about Jambo5 here.

  • Founding
    relleumSystem (at that time still under the name IDS Integrated Database Solutions) was founded in 1998 by Wolfgang Müller.

  • First major customer
    Programming for Graphisoft - mainframe database connections to the internet and customer systems.

  • First customers from the pharmaceutical industry
    Database applications and field service motivation tools.

  • Flash to the limit
    Flash programming to the limit of what is possible.

  • Co-owner gets on board
    Patrick Wolf joins the company and enables even more complex programming work to be carried out.

  • First ideas for a meeting and sales tool
    Through contract work in the pharmaceutical industry, the idea has matured to make the experience gained there available to all companies.

  • First Jambo5 users give feedback
    Feedback from customers and friends provides initial positive feedback and shows that the product is on the right track and will be urgently needed in the future.

  • Launch Jambo5 as a SaaS solution
    Jambo5 enters the market as a cost-effective, powerful and useful SaaS solution for everyone.

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