About Jambo5

Jambo5 is a Saas Software designed and developed by relleumSystem.

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The idea for Jambo5 was born on the basis of a field service management system for iPads.
We realized that there is no software that fully maps a meeting with all its facets in a highly integrated way.

To this day, we are dependent on the use of a wide variety of software to map our meetings and software is used in a way that it was not intended.

In the IT sector, this is known as a workaround

In practice, this means

  • you have your video conferencing software
  • you use additional software to map a vote
  • you display presentations with PowerPoint
  • you create the meeting minutes in Word
  • you use the participant data from the meeting invitation
  • you create a summary from the pages or sections shown

Many companies have come to terms with the situation and refer to this process as a workflow.

But let's be honest: it takes a lot of discipline to always stick to the workflow and if you need a different function, you have to use additional software, e.g. for whiteboard, task assignment.

Focus on your own work and content

In times when processes are being streamlined and streamlining is a top priority in order to concentrate as much as possible on your work and content, a solution like Jambo5 is absolutely essential.

Jambo5 brings together what belongs together:

  • meeting management
  • preparation and follow-up with a sophisticated agenda system
  • video and audio conferencing
  • content that can be edited live by all participants
  • a system that automatically generates the meeting result from the agenda
  • all the important functions you need to hold sustainable interactive meetings
  • a note, decision and approval system to record results
  • an automatic results system that spits out a PDF with all information about participants, agenda items and results

Jambo5 handle both extremes

The highly structured meeting with an agenda where everyone adds meeting points in advance, timings are adhered to and tasks and decisions are documented.

Jambo5 can also map the ad-hoc meeting: Simply get started without preparation, brainstorm ideas and develop them with the whiteboard.

Jambo5 automatically structures the meeting

Thanks to the unique linking of content and agenda system without any additional effort in the background and at the end presents a PDF that has the quality of a highly structured meeting.

No Installation, no App
Serious about security & privacy
99.99% uptime the last 12 months
GDPR compliant